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June 2nd

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Bow tie

Finally started the bow tie I mentioned an interest in last January on another posting. The KnitPicks pattern is not as well written as it could be since it is very yarn specific for their product.

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Wine/Whine with friends can fix most anything

Or at least make you laugh a bit, sometimes cry a bit(not this time, I swear! Jenny and Alena are lying) and in general be able to see that it's not quite as important as you thought it was.

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First double knit hat

This is my first dk hat. The pattern is called “doubleknitski, one warm-a** double knit ski cap” by Alison Hansel from The Blue Blog. It’s free on the web.

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A late night.

Well I went to bed a lot later than normal and I didn’t do anything to show for the 2 extra hours I was awake. I didn’t go for a long walk with the dogs, in fact they were already in their beds.

June 1st

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A Note on Ribbing

Thanks guys for all the tips..
For General Knowledge, I'm a continental knitter with my own twist of sorts.

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Not My Day... Not In the Least

So, I apologize, but this is a bit of a rant. Seriously, full blown.