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June 4th

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Off to The Villages, FL for a week.

Since I am in the middle of a couple big projects, I decided that I would leave the knitting paraphernalia at home this time. It'll give my fingers a good rest.

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Westknits strikes again!

On the trip to the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat I started another shawl by Stephen West.

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This is maybe my favorite sock so far. There are lots of patterned socks out there but many of them are just a bit too feminine and I wanted something I could wear myself.

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Mavi Ay Socks

So I decided I wanted to try toe-ups again, and with "real" sock yarn. A friend was coming from Germany, and I'd seen the Hundertwasser "Save the Seas" yarn from Opal.

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Fiber Beat Episode #19: Featuring Deborah Corsini & Kyle Kunnecke

Fiber Beat talks about Men Who Knit briefly during my interview :) - check it out:

June 3rd

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Kunststricken Waldesgrund - Herbert Niebling

I just completed my first Niebling pattern for a table runner! Woo-hoo!

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Video Tutorials on

Hey everyone!

I have been working hard on all kinds of projects lately, including the video tutorials page on my website:

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Thuja variations

Thuja is a nice basic cuff-down sock, so if you want to try some simple variations, it's a great one to base your efforts on.

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Hooray for Thujas!

I got into knitting after a friend, who was trying to quit smoking, started knitting scarves to keep her mind off of nicotine.

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You get a week off

I go back to work on Friday so you guys are free of my ceaseless postings for a whole week! You're excited aren't you.