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June 18th

Completed: "Felici" Rainbow Socks

Just finished these rainbow socks, using "Felici" yarn from KnitPicks, in their "rainbow" color.

June 17th

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Frustrations, Fixes, and Frogging

This week I have had a several people ask me questions regarding projects that they're either frustrated with, stumped in, or just plain frigg'n sick and tired of.

June 15th

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Afghan Progress 70 Rows

I have finished 11,900 stitches and it measures about a foot. It should grow to between 5 and 6 feet when it is finished, depending on when I run out of yarn.

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Tick Tack Tocking

Will F. Denney(1860-1908) Sings Tick Tack Tocking Of The Clocking On Her Stocking 1901
a youtube clip of a 1901 recording...

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My Kids ROCK!

I know you all have seen my sunflower shawl; however, I wanted to show you the type of work that comes out of our little school.

June 14th

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So, who wants to help me build an empire and prove shitty people wrong?

June 13th


Proud is what I am on my first knitting resultaat so far. Probably you wonder why I publish this yet, I'm not finished. But hey, I am knitting and am happy with it!

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Update on Bow Tie

Well...the tie was knitting up fairly well.

June 12th

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Dear All,
I'm looking for some special yarn, and I find a book made with yarn of : "eco-ANDARIA".

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My bad ass knitting tattoo

I always said I would never be able to get a tattoo because I'm not a fan of needles, but about 6 months ago I got the bug and really wanted a tattoo.