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April 9th

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Butterfly Cardigan

Easy top down cardigan. No seams - no ends to sew in - was a breeze to do. First successful top down and I think I'm hooked. Next will be a top down cardigan for Mom.

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Scholarships for the Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat!

This is just a gentle reminder for anyone who wants to nominate themselves or a friend for one of two great scholarships!! Send those nominations in soon!!

April 8th

Puppy Knitter Knitting My First Sweater

I just started knitting and I found and easy pattern for a sleeveless V-neck sweater. I have to get a new set of needles, and I'm reading old blogs about needle recommendations.

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I am completely freaking out! I bought a book a few weeks back called "Knits Men Want". I finally decided to knit something from it and ran into the biggest problem!

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The Six that give you the three

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Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Taken a fabulous vacation and returned to be super busy and buried with work, oh well at least it is job security.

April 7th

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Christmas Past Jumper

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Cute Knitting Cartoon

I saw this somewhere and I thought some others might enjoy it.... Ha, ha! :-) Knitting is one thing that I like doing with my own hands!!!! How about you????

April 6th

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Circular needles, varying and interchangeable lengths thereof

OK, I’m an ignorant novice. So with that said, I do not understand the whole varying-and-interchangeable-lengths-of-cables-for-circular-needles thing.

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Is tax season over yet?

Uuuugggghhhh! Thanks to a busy end of year and tax season, picked up my knitting needles for the first time since Thanksgiving! I can't believe it has been so long.