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April 30th

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Chartres-Chart Knitted Labyrinth

Celebrate with me!

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Gifts, Charity, and another Shawl

I know, I know, your thinking another lace shawl? Move on buddy. I promise, I do think this is the last one for a bit, and as far as lace goes, it's pretty minimal.

April 29th

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Lace Shawl Pattern for Bulky Yarn

Does anyone know of any knitting pattern for Lace Shawls that would work well with a bulky boucle yarn?

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Favourite Sock books

I just noticed that Knitpicks has a sale on sock books and I am itching to spend money.

April 28th

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Felted Pants Blocked and Drying

You may recall that I wanted to knit some pants for someone using the loom. Well, I fugred before I trie to make some for an adult, I'd give it a go for my daughter.

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Sea Glass

At last, another FO from me. This one was a bit more intricate and small than the last couple so I got a little tied up in it.

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A shawl for the road

To steal Kerry's words, "I recently discovered grey as a color and I love it." Couldn't have said it better.

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What happenned to Srping?

Last week I had snow and had to scrape ice off the car windshield - this week we are in the high 70's - which a lot of times is as hot as it gets here in the summer.

Where was spring?

April 27th

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Real Person??

I was just reading over some of the members' profiles and noticed that I am the only one who has the term Real Person showing under my name.

April 25th

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A couple of FOs

Hi guys,

I recently finished a couple of projects that I wanted to share. One took me about 4 months and the other took less than 2 weeks.

Lace Stole: