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March 3rd

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1970s Pamplet of Men's Patterns

I just posted a blog entry about this pamplet called CraftsManShip, with knit patterns for men that I think are from the 1970s.

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When I put the needles down...

When I'm not working up something in yarn, I write gothic fiction. For those of who have asked to see me in motion, or wanted to know what this voice of mine is like, you know have the opportunity.

March 2nd

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My knitting article and Knitting Retreat

Hey guys, My knitting article is out. For those of you who wish to read it is on Facebook at Front Porch Living, the article is called "Hooked on a Hobby." Hope you will enjoy reading it.

March 1st

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A Colorful New Purse!

A colorful new purse in my Loom Dude collection! Check it out:


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Multicolored scarf.

I have finished my leftover yarn scarf and I think it came out quite well. Only problem is somewhere along the way I have developed a pain in my left wrist and thumb area. That sucks, huh?