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Rainbow Squares Afghan

Hey guys. I just finished another project. This one is from a 1984 Brunswick pattern mag, Cozy Afghans, volume 843.

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Long time no post...

So it's going to be a long post LOL. Was just cruising around the internets and found this and wanted to share. It's from a 1920's woman's how to for crochet and knitting.

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Men's Patterns Needed for a Knitting Magazine.

Hello All,
A recent knitting friend of my landed a job as the Managing Editor for a nationwide knitting magazine. They are light on patterns for men and they wish to include two patterns for men in the magazine.

If you would like the opportunity to publish patterns, please let me know and I will connect the two of you.


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Argh! Need more help!

First off thanks to everyone who helped me understand this pattern.