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Knitting with 1000 strands!

Here's an amazing video of a Rachel John knitting 1000 strands of yarn into a small mattress. Amazing tribute to perseverance and a sense of dedication to a curious form of art. Enjoy.


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New Free Pattern

Hey guys! I have a new free pattern available at The Knitting Mill . It's a customizable electronic cozy.

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Sweater Questions

Yikes! If you have knitted sweaters and give give me a suggestion, please help! I my have over shot my front sweater panel by 1/2 inch.

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Knitting in Rage!!!

Okay so it is a good idea to knit while so darn angry???

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Cableing without

So on Monday I spoke on designing at a new LYS, Yarn Tree Studio, in Raleigh NC. The shop has a great selection and the owner, Lynn is great hostess.