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January 2nd

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New shoes for a kitchen chair

I tried those stick-on pads for the bottoms of chair legs so they don’t scratch the floor and they kept coming off. So I crocheted some shoes(?) and they’re working brilliantly.

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Another Hat

Here's another hat I'll be sending off to the boys in San Francisco. I used bamboo needles this time, so it ended up being a tighter stitch and a smaller hat. Go figure!

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Natural Dye

So, those of us at MFKR this year had the opportunity to a natural indigo dye with our yarn. I pulled mine out of the stash closet and it was really stiff.

January 1st

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Happy New Year....a technical question

Happy New Year....How do I knit even looking stripes of color when knitting in the round?

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Happy New year

Just a short note and fun graphic to start your new year off on a fun note. Happy New Year, guys. So many of you have become my wonderful friends over the past few months.