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January 13th

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Richmond, VA

Headed to Richmond tomorrow for a weekend away. Any yarn shops that should not be missed? Planning on a weekend full of designing, knitting, and relaxing.

January 12th

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Special Olympics Scarf

Hi all,

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OT: guess what song I just unearthed at the nursing home...

This morning I was skimming through a dated collection of even more dated songs... we're talking reminiscing material for the century-old folks.

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Free Patterns

I was given two websites with free knitting patterns that are new to me. They are:


This one has a section devoted to men, you might enjoy reviewing it.

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anyone heard of or used this book?

During my frequent web searches, i found a book titled, "Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them".

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Accepting Scholarship Nominations - Men's Spring Knitting Retreat 2011

Hey Guys,

We've already received our first nomination for a scholarship for one of the guys on here (written by one of own as well!).

January 11th

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Here is a few photos of the Herringbone vest im knitting on my chunky knitting machine. I was inspired by the Herringbone sweater in Erika Knights Mens Knits book

Hope you all like it so far.

January 10th

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First glove...with pictures!

So this is my first glove. It’s a little rough around the edges and all through the middle as well. I didn’t bind it off. I just used a life line to tie it off.

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TNNA and free pattern

So today is the last day of TNNA, I think, in Long Beach. I am hoping that as I was told, my first ever published pieces were going to be on display this weekend at the show in the Skacel booth.

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Happy New Year !

Better late then never!