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January 27th

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Woodlands Shawl

I just completed this Woodland's Shawl. A very easy lace and quick knit.

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been well over a year

Hi all,

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I finally did it - A complete Beanie!!!


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Snow Day/Fiber Day

Hello everyone! The Thundersnowstorm of 2011 walloped us yesterday afternoon here in DC.

January 26th

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Bear (hee hee) with me...

There is a rabbit on my farm. Gonna have to pull out the shotgun. (Stay tuned....)

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Edges from curling under

Hey Men, I was just wondering if there is any way to keep the edges of my knitting from curling in stockinette, and just plain knitting. I keep having this problem and don't know how to correct it.

January 25th

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Men's Hats

Hi all,

Here are a few men's hats that I knit last year. One of them is attached to this post. Let me know what you think!


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How things have changed

During my lunch break I cracked out my knitting at sat at my desk directly behind my 50 year old Manager.

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Newspaper Story

Hi guys,

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Inspiration Month

This January the company asked us to incorporate the company icon into a project that reflects something that inspires us.