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Bulky cowl patterns

I've been thinking of knitting myself a bulky cowl scarf for this winter. Maybe a mobius style, maybe not. Maybe one that also doubles as a hood, maybe not. Does anyone have a tried and true pattern to suggest?

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Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody for your kind words and encouragement regarding my son Timothy's lymphoma diagnosis and your hat ideas. His treatments have been going very well, though they are feeling a little like a nuisance since the hospital is 260 miles from home and we have to go once a week. Thankfully friends and family have been very generous and supportive.

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Pattern in latest Knit Picks catalog

A sweater pattern I designed is in the most recent Knit Picks printed catalog ... if you get a chance check it out. It's the blue sweater second in from the bottom on page 14. It's a bit weird for me to see it there :).