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October 20th

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Lionbrand yarn donated enough Fisherman's Wool for me to make 50 bears today. They took notice of me, and my little bears. In about 2 weeks they'll be promoting me on their website. My little knit teddy bears are going places....I'm happy to be along for the ride. :)

...all the lionhearted courage is beginning to pay off. From entrepreneur.

October 19th

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Angkor - hat pattern released through Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Hey guys!

Just a note to let you konw about my latest pattern - "Angkor" - released through Blue Moon Fiber Arts! I just blogged about it here:

and posted my project on Ravelry here:

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Hello again, and a men's vest report

Wow, it's been a long time since I've really spent time on here. Life happens. But don't worry; it's been good.

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Need help identifying a sweater

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I want to make a sweater for my hubby, he likes the ones with the big collar that has the buttons that go down the side onto the shoulder. Has anyone seen any patterns like this or know what this kind of sweater is called?

I think the reason i can't find aything is because i'm not searching for the right thing.

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Classic Cables Scarf - Lion Brand Yarn

I've found a pattern in the Free Knitting Patterns at Lion Brand Yarn. Very nice pattern and I'll start working on in a couple days. . .after I finish the sweater vest that's in my knitting bag!!!!

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Rhinebeck - In Pictures

My weekend at Rhinebeck was fantastic! I went both days with dear friends from MWK and the Men's Knitting Retreat that were staying at my house and we had a great time. Dave, Will, and Jeff, thank you for coming to visit and share the Rhinebeck experience with me!!!

October 18th

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Cable Knit Scarf

This is my first attempt at a cable and I found I did enjoy making the scarf. It's a reversible pattern with 3 cables on the other side.

October 17th

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New Stitch-A-Day YouTube Channel

Hi guys, especially the newbies out there. I have been watching the site


October 16th

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Help what size circular needle?

Beginner here...i finally found a skull cap that my husband likes and I am getting ready to knit it for him, but the pattern only says to use 10 US size circular needles - not the length . The cap is 23" in circumference - what length circular needles should I use? I'm thinking 16"??

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Knitting Season. Well, aren't they all?