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What, am I nuts?!

As usual, I've taken on more than I can chew....
I decided on the "Lyra" and began it as a half-circle, only to discover that I can't figure out a place in the pattern to split it in order that the shawl would come out somewhat symmetrical. Argh!

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How do you all handle requests? I'm running into trouble saying yes too often when I really want to say no. I hate repeating myself so if someone asks, can you make that in whatever color, it makes me cringe but I usually say yes and put the project I really want work on on hold. My mother is the worst offender by the way. It's so hard to say no to my mother, impossible actually.

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My thoughts this Monday morning

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being active members of this great site, and for being as supportive as you are, both for those of you who are experienced knitters, and for those of us who are just learning all of the beginning knitting stitches.

Not to mention, your recent support for Gene and for Peter Mark for their individual, yet very important to them, and to us a a group.