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NEEDED - Good, simple, men's glove pattern.

Gonna take the leap into dpns and trying to knit me some fingers!

The Flying Goose Mitts are gorgeous!
... but am looking for a simple, men's glove to start on.

Any ideas?
Fave patterns?

Thanks, in advance,

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surprise announcement

OK Boys,

Its confirmed now - we are moving to Seattle for my job. Still have the dramas of trying to get my partner into the country (Very frustrating when the city and the company reconise your relationship but the federal government treats you like strangers).

Anyway VERY excited and we hope to be there soon.


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The days are shorter and colder

I'm back.

Anyone miss me?

It's getting cold out there, (and in here, too...time to turn on the heat)

Time to go through the yarn bins and get those needles clicking.

Cheers. I missed you, too.



This is the day of my retirement. As of 5:00 pm today, I can stay up late and knit as long as I want to. My new gmail address is in my profile. It is-- I don't have a computer at home and until I do, I am going to have to go to the library once a week, or so, to keep abreast of the current happentings in the world of MENWHOKNIT.

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Dazed and Elated post Christmas Knitting