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Starmore Elephant vest

My grandson is growing up. but the sweater still fits!
This is the Starmore Elephant vest from her yarn kit.

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A simple "me" project

I have no idea why but I started knitting on a stocking cap a few weeks ago. It's set to the side quite often to work on other projects.

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Rhinebeck - The Fold

Phew! Just finished setting up The Fold's booth at Rhinebeck. Easy twice as much fiber goodness this year than normal. We even have our luxury fibers, some Lendrum wheels and tons of sale yarns! Don't forget the SOCKS THAT ROCK... including Mill Ends & Rare Gems! Saturday 10a-6p, Sunday 10a-5p at Duchess County Fairgrounds.

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Socks for mom

When I first started doing socks, I was only doing worsted-weight things, mostly based on the Thuja pattern. Mom got two pairs but later I "graduated" to fingering weight yarn and decided it was time I made her a pair out of it. I decided to use some yarn that I dyed myself. It was supposed to be denim blue-violet and deep "navy purple," but the darker color came out more of a khaki.

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Socks for myself!

I've been making so many socks for other people that I decided it was time to make a pair for myself. Winter is on its way after all.

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My Son the Fiber Scientist

My son had to be scientist of the week today at his Kindergarten class. We decided to dye yarn in the crock pot to show that wool will take the color and acrylic will not. His class was fascinated and loved every minute of it. The purple hat is my first crock pot dyed yarn. It turned out quite well I think. I can't wait to work up the orange we dyed today.

My first project...

I am very excited about learning to knit. I love to learn new things especially when it is something that will benefit my family. I just started my first project yesterday, I attached a photo of what I have done so far. It is hopefully going to be a scarf for my wife. I have started over about 8-10 times but finally seem to have the hang of it.