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December 19th

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Scarf and Hat

Happy Holidays!

December 18th

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His and His Magnums

Look what a couple of hours of TV time can produce right before Christmas :-)

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Hey Guys - any men's knitting groups in the SF East Bay area?

I recently started to knit and have made a few hats and scarves. I'm getting ready to move on to either a cowl, sweater or fingerless gloves.

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Help! "Tunisian" knit stitch in the round

Hey eveyone! I need some help.

December 17th

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Baby Yarn Blues

Uggg .... I wish that I didn't have to worry about issues with wool and babies. The yarns out there are just not fun to work with and don't even get me going about the colours.

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A Beggining Of Sorts

After what my profile says is a year and 35 days of being a member -often more silent than not- I think it is time for me to get in touch with the knitting community here on MWK.

December 16th

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Free Cowl Pattern

Hi guys! Just in time for Christmas, I have posted on my blog my first free pattern.

December 15th

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A Christmas Ornament

Hello all,

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Niebling Book Recommendation

Knitter dudes: What is a good Niebling starter book and where can I find it?



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Mitred Squares

Hi guys, just a quick question.