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January 7th

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If Russell Crowe can be a knit, so can I!

Funny - this article is on the London Daily Mail site, but in

January 6th

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21st century?

Yesterday I experienced something I thought was a thing of the past: I got a funny look and a bit of attitude whilst buying yarn.

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2010 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

Hey guys...I know most of you know this information already, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't leave anyone out in notifying them that registration is now open for this years East Coast Men's Kn

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Hosting a scarf exchange...

Over on Ravelry if anyone is interested :-)

I'd like some more boys besides me to be in it so I thought I would share with the class...

January 5th

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Some 2009 Projects

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Hello all and happy new year!

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2010 Has Already Started Out Hectic!

The guys on this list never cease to amaze me...I have been loving getting caught up on all the reading I missed over the last couple of weeks.

January 4th

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Vogue Knitting

So, I just got a "Special Offer" for Vogue Knitting in the mail today. Is it worth it? Should I subscribe?

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A Hat a Day

For giggles, on top of my other work...I've decided that I'm going to try to knit a hat a day for 2010.

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Men's NZ Knitting Retreat

Just was wondering who all was going to be going to the Men's Knitting Retreat in New Zealand March 4-7, 2010.
I just booked my tickets (very excited about that!).