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January 11th

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First Post

Well, this is my first time posting on this site. It only took me a week or so, haha. I wanted to wait so I could take some pictures of the work I did over my school's winter break on some bodies.

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Yarn Bowl

Here are a few pictures of the yarn bowl that I won in Kyle Kunnecke's contest from a few weeks ago. It arrived over a week ago but someone used my camera and ran out the batteries.

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Lace knitting and dropped YO's

Cheers gentlemen...

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Gents help please!

I am finally going to design a jumper for my boy (enough practice on me). He hates rib bands so I thought about knitting a hem.

January 10th

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Spinning and Watching the Playoffs

I had a great day parked on the couch, watching the playoffs and spinning. At one point my partner mentioned that it seemed like an odd combination.

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Triton's Crown

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Stitch Dictionaries

I'd be interested in hearing from you folks about which stitch dictionaries you consider to be the best and most useful.

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Oh, The Yaller Rose Of Texas...........

..... the cutest on this earth.
Her right eye looks at Dallas,
Her left one at Fort Worth.
Her pony tails a dandy,
Her hairdo is a prize.
It really comes in handy,

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I was following Joe’s recent discussion of flat knitting with circular needles quite enviously. I am knitting a 21” wide doormat. It’s from The Knitted Rug by Donna Druchunas.

January 9th

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Charting Software

I find knitting from a chart so much easier that when I run into a pattern that's not charted I want to chart it.