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January 17th

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My adventure with Queen Anne's Lace

My New Years resolution was to finish one really large project, with some yarn from my stash. I do have four other projects that I should be working on, but I really wanted to do this.

January 17th

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Is "pugly" an insult? An adverb?

A few months ago, a friend emailed me a picture of a knitted pug and asked if I could make some for him. He tends to be a smart-ass and I thought he was kidding.

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knits: finished and otherwise

Well, the last time I wrote it was concerning the hat and giftcard. Good news! I did finish the hat in time for the gift exchange (barely) and I did decide to give the friar a giftcard as well.

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So, I have to ask....

This is a little off topic, but WHAT EXACTLY IS BEACHWEAR NOWADAYS?

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Pattern Search

Hey guys! I'm on the hunt for a fair isle gansey pattern with a gusset. I have the general idea of how to do this on my own but I would really like a guide for my first attempt.

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Lace grafting

I am currently working on a new shawl - the first of my own design or actually composition since I'm just putting together different patterns.

January 16th

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Finished product pictures for "The Manly Cable Scarf"

Ok so here's the pictures as promised of the finished "Manly Cable Scarf" that I made, took a while, but it's finished, measures exactly 6 feet long and should keep my Texas blood warm and safe from t

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Birthday !!!!!!!!!!

Ok folks, let's give it up and put your hands together for the multi-talents and birthday boy of a fellow Texan!

It's NsOmNiAc's b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy returns there bud,


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Last spring my best friend Nicole told me she was having her second child and we learned later on that it was going to be a boy. I ended up making up this set piece mill from 3 different sources.

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I've been a bad boy and haven't kept up with posting my FO's!