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September 30th

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Mananita - Finished and Blocking

Here you go, Mananita by Meg Swansen

September 29th

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fair isle scarf

i made my first attempt at fair isle by making some patches within the scarf. it's for soldiers in afghanistan. it's all simply soft by caron.

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National Alpaca Farm Days

Hello all, did any of you visit any alpaca farms over this past weekend? It was National Alpaca Farm Days, and we had a good time at one of our local alpaca farms!

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This is amazing - shot with a Nokia

Sometimes I feel like my days are actually like that!!

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been away

but havent stopped knitting. i think ive made about 3 blankets while ive been away.

Now im hunting down a fair isle or damask pattern for the next blanket.

September 28th

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My First Cardigan

I did it! My first cardigan. Lion's Brand Fisherman's wool on sale at Micheal's. I'm happy with it more or less.

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Spinning Yarn?

I've noticed lately that more and more people are talking about spinning their own yarn. I was wondering what the benefits were to spinning your own?

September 27th

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113 in CA ....NOT!! in Montreal

Ok so it isn't scary cold here yet, but one of our local squirrels is taking no chances.
There is no way that I could resist sharing this link

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WTF 2..

Well, I too am embarking on my first lace project and have now started the sleeve (it's a cardigan) more times than I care to imagine.

September 25th

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My first lace shawl...aka "WTF" shawl...

So Ive decided to name my first in progress lace shawl my "WHAT...THE...FUCK" shawl....why? Because it is playing tricks on me I dont understand.