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August 10th

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New Pattern Preview!

Hey ya'll! Are you guys as anxious about the arrival of Fall as I am? It can't get here soon enough for me.

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Cast on....

I have a tendency to be rough. Working on this tablecloth now and you can see my stitches itching to be held smoother.

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I would like some opinions...

I'm working on a new project and would like to know what others think about it.

August 8th

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Could You support my Mother? LOUISE-MARIE on healthylifeawards

Hello everybody...

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Advice - Kitchener with needles?

Hi guys,

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Article from Jakarta newspaper

This is a fun read - A Tangled Tale of Manly Knitting.

August 7th

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scholarship for WCMFKR

Any news on the recipient? Just curious....

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Can you see black?

(Well, it got your interest)

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The Pink Triangle On My Lawn or.... MMario being an enabler can save your ass!

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I am now a blogger

Made my first entry on my blog.

Just some rambling.