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July 13th

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Knitting Fest

Well, I got a ton of knitting done while sitting at the hospital keeping mom company. However, I realized, several inches later that I had put one of the gussets in the wrong spot.

July 12th

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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, IL. The Fairgrounds are fully indoors and air conditioned!

Central Asian Slippers

Years ago Russians handed me slippers made by their mom from Fergana valley in Uzbekistan.

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Color Combinations and Drawings

Hi everyone here. Happy summer to all. I have been trying some new color combinations with left over yarn ( I am resisting the strong urge to buy new yarn!).

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Back- With a Vengeance!

... Ok, so no vengeance (I like you guys too much...) but I am back!

July 11th

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Music to Knit By


July 10th

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Holy BABIES!!!

* My brother's wife just gave birth.
* My second cousin just gave birth.
* My friend from grade school will be giving birth in a few months.

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Visiting NYC, last week of July.

Hey guys, just wondering what knit-worthy things I need to try to hit while in NYC this month. I will be staying and working at the new W NY Downtown (by World Trade site).

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Somerset craft club knits jumpers for bald chickens


From the BBC:

Grace and Peace,

July 9th

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Blocking pad--FYI

I had to block my Noro Scarf recently and had no pads to use. Fortunately I had an old camping pad made out of foam (the kind you use under a sleeping bag).