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July 19th

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Franklin Habit Workshops

I thought some of you might be interested in coming to these workshops, especially those in nearby states to the Northern Coast of California.

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Western NY Men's Knitting Retreat?

Anyone Interested?

I'm about 30 minutes north of Rochester right on Lake Ontario....

Grace and Peace,

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Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Is anyone else planning on attending the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival?

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Home Again

Just got home last night from our family vacation in White Lake, NC. Visited the LYS in Whiteville, NC, A Row of Purls, Too.

July 18th

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Hello all. Hope you are having a good summer. I have been continuing experimenting with combining different colors together from my old yarn.

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Back in Texas...adjusting

So I finally arrived back at home in Texas...Im glad to be home and of course to see my kitty and my friends.

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And y'all though I was dead! No such chance. Just recouperating and almost done. Wrist is doing fine now so watch out!!!!

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Merino Is Great But......

It is a huge pain in the ass to clean. I bought ten pounds of white merino fleece. It's pretty clean, not a lot of vegetable matter but it's SUPER greasy!

July 17th

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And now for something different...

I've been back in the states for about a month and in that month just about everything in my life has changed...some good, some bad.

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Goodforaboy blog

I've taken the plunge and entered the world of blogging. Check it out at