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July 31st

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Blanket Update

So, I just posted the blanket that I made on here the other day. I LOVE how it came out, being that it's my first big project. But I'm sad to announce that it'll be leaving me next weekend.

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Add a shawl to the pile...

After juggling about five shawls for a time, I'm happy to have finished my Traveling Woman shawl. I was encouraged to knit it after seeing Ron's (Ravelry name moreliaman) version.

July 30th

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Ramen Noodle Knitting and Porn

So, I finished filming a trailer for the book "Mad Man Knitting," and as many of you would guess, I did two versions.

Link to science and knitting web article

Check it out!

July 28th

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Little Bo Peep!

Hi all, I finished Little Bo Peep last week but my camera batteries had to be charged. Here she is; let me know what you think! I have more pictures on my blog at .

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Anyone Here Taken Classes from Aaron Lewis?

He's teaching a whole day's worth of classes at Dixon Lambtown that sound intriguing. The prices are so high that I would really feel cheated if they weren't good.

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Finger Knitting at Library

Let me start by saying that there were 25 kids signed up to do finger knitting today at our library, with my daughter and I, ready to teach.

July 27th

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Quick Update

So, I've finished a small, throw-sized blanket about a week ago which took me like 3 weeks to complete.

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First Customer

My wife and I organized an area on our sun porch last spring for knitting. It has a couch, rocking chair, dresser, and shelves for yarn storage.

July 26th

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Knitting on a streetcar

Tonight I went to “Stitch and Pitch” at AT&T Park in San Francisco.