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June 6th

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Baby Blanket

I am working on a baby blanket for my cousin's second child ( a girl). I am using Plymouth Encore Worsted yarn in a few shades of grey and green. I am knitting this with #9 needles.

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Coupla FOs

So for my mom's birthday (which was in April) and then for Mothers Day (which was in May), I've finally finished the Primrose Path sweater.

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The reason why I havn't been sleeping well...

So a couple of my knitting group buddies decided to start a knitalong for a simple triangular shawl...

June 5th

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School's out for summer

i have finished my grade reports, graduation is over, and i have moved into my new place and my new office...all in the last week and a half.

June 3rd

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Knitted Breasts - BBC News "Odd Box"

These aren't men knitting, but it's still pretty fun. Check out this video from the BBC.

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Weave-It Afghan

I started this on May 1st and now about 1/3 done. It currently measures 36"x48". I'm using a lot of the bits and pieces that Bill had accumulated.

June 3rd

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I did it!

I finished the Juneberry Triangle! I feel like a new father....
Yarn, colors, etc. are all from Jared Flood's ( original pattern.
Now I wanna do more of this!

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Colorado and Wyoming trip

I have a family reunion on Knit In Public Day (June 19) in Loveland, CO, and will be staying around Greeley and Cheyenne in the surrounding days.

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Meeting Tonight

My knit group meets tonight. I am hoping to see some of the yarn that was bought on our field trip to the LYS, worked up into great things.

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...found a poem.

I was digging through some old files and came across this that I wrote quite a while ago about my favourite sweater.