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June 15th

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Knit Camp

I want to be there!!

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More carded fibre

waiting to be spun

June 14th

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Madness set in

So, I finally finished it: this book about how knitting was my obsession and precursor into madness.

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back on track

Hi Gents

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I am going to be in St. Paul/Minneapolis in August. Where are the good yarn stores ?

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Wrap and turn and turn and wrap....

I can't seem to get this one. When doing a wrap and turn in stockingette, do I slip, yf, etc, or yf, slip, etc? Is the slip knitwise or purlwise? No one seems to agree. There's gotta be a better way.

June 13th

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my latest man-made rug

This is a rug I just finished for my sister. She picked the pattern and she picked the colors.

June 12th

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Stitch n Pitch 2010

Tomorrow a group of knitters will be going to Coca-Cola Field see the Buffalo Bison's play baseball against the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

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Cabled Bolero - FINALLY!

Hi guys,

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Knitting apps for the iPhone

I've joined the techno brigade and got myself an iPhone...and although I'm not completely bowled over by it's charms, (it will, of course,ook better with a knitted cover) It is nice to be on an early