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June 20th

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There I go again...

So once again, I find myself appologizing for neglecting my knitting blog on here. But I won't make a big deal out of it.

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Baby Blanket progress

Here is a photo of my progress on the baby blanket. I am using garter stitch throughout. It's basically big stripes of solid color. Nothing fancy (so I can finish this and keep my sanity).

June 18th

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Have you guys seen this? I thought it was kind of cool!

June 18th

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Black Sheep Gathering

Holy Crap, I am going to the Black Sheep Gathering tomorrow for the first time ever and I am totally excited. I can't wait.

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Lace Casting Off

Hi guys. I am finishing up a lace shawl and am wondering what is the best, 'stretchy' cast off method.

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Haruni Shawl

I have a neighbor who has done so much to help my wife and I as we struggle with my illness. So I finally made a shawl for her.

June 16th

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Black Sheep Gathering/Eugene ?

Hi fellow knitters and spinners! Anyone going to BSG this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun 6/18-6/20)? A lovely chance to exercise your credit cards and indulge in wonderful fibers and wooly creatures!

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New Picture Gallery here on MWK promised!!!

To celebrate the centennial of Elizabeth Zimmermann and all of her inspired works!!!

...called "Unventions" -- her own coined term.

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My first CAP(?)

Hello everyone, I had two balls of wool and a small piece of fox ... And three hours after... my first cap ...

June 15th

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This is very camp fellas...check it out!