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June 27th

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Gentlemen and Occasional Ladies (and Gentlemen who are, occasionally, ladies):

June 25th

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$6,000 and the Moulin Rouge!

$6,000 US Dollars...that is how much money I have spent since August 1, 2009 when I arrived in Germany.

June 25th

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Hello All

So excited to be a part of this website and I look forward to getting to know you! Also hope to post some of my recent projects soon.

Loom Dude

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The (ahem) table cloth

Alright. The book when up for sell online on Wednesday night. Thursday I spent the day clutching some worry beads, pacing a hole in the carpet, and drinking beer like it was water.

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MRMKR scheduled for July 14-17, 2011

The Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat has been scheduled!!

June 23rd

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Felting venture

I bought some yarn at Hobby Lobby while I was in Tennessee. It is 86% wool, 6% mohair, and 8% acrylic. Will it felt?

June 23rd

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Ok, so here it is! While I wait for amazon to update their listings, I'm going to go ahead and offer it through lulu.

June 22nd

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UPDATE - BSG was awesome.

UPDATE - BSG was awesome. Very similar to OFFF in Canby. I was able to meet up with some people I have gotten to know at these big fiber festivals and catch up with what they are up to.

June 21st

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Chicago Yarn Shops

Howdy gents,

So... I will be in Chicago in a few weeks and I want to know the great yarn shops are. Any thoughts???

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&*%$^*# Pattern Books!

School is out and summer still has not arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. People have been calling this month Junuary. It was a sweltering 59 degrees yesterday.