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Green Apple Poncho

I just finished this poncho for my great niece's 8th birthday. She's built like a beanpole so I figured that a poncho would fit her better than my attempt at guessing her sweater size.

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A few more pix...

Here's the finished beastie...
I'm still so pleased with it- and blocking wasn't the nightmare I was anticipating!
Now if I can get up the nerve to try Mmario's "wedding peacock..." hmmmm....!

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FO - Simple Man's Cowl

I knitted this cowl for Chris (however I'm modelling it in the attachment). I saw the pattern in a Lion Brand e-newsletter. It's super simple.

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Attn: All thrift shoppers, garage salers, antique mallers, bazaar goers,...

I just discovered a little plastic, hand-held loom that has become an obsession. I must have one. Watching ebay daily, but thought I might be able to utilize you guys in my search.