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May 5th

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Another Maryland Sheep and Wool Report

Disclaimer: I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, and it was hot enough that I bought an all-day mug of root beer. I figured it called for a lousy ‘beer’ song, written Sunday morning.

One for the guys

You can get this and more at,52982240

Ball Sack

May 4th

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Felting Workshop at the Museum of African Diaspora

Demetri Broxton, the Education Program Manager at the Museum of African Diaspora sent an email to us mentioning a felting workshop that is being held at their museum in San Francisco - if you're aroun

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Maryland Sheep and Wool: Reporting Back


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So my aunt's birthday was this past week. At her party she saw me knitting this dishcloth and admired it greatly.

May 3rd

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Retirement Stash

Well boys, I have been retired for one day and I decided to treat myself to a retirement gift.

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Thumping my drum yet again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and take a look see here... Coming to a yarnshop and bookstore near you... "Think Outside the Sox" - the Book.

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My First BSJ!

Zoinks this thing was fast and easy to make! I used Moda Dea Dream... I know it's acrylic... but I just couldn't find anything I thought was soft enough in a washable natural fiber.

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mskr in progress

until MSKR.

Update 5/13 in seperate post


May 2nd

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I blame this one on Kenny...

After seeing Kenny's beautifully executed "Don's Vest," it gave me an intense envie for knitting some fair isle even though the last thing I needed to do was cast on for yet another project!