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May 12th

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sweater shoulder bind off?

Well I just finished a terrific red alpaca sweater. I am joining the pieces and I hate the shoulders, well the one that I joined anyways.

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Sisters Scarf

I finished this the other day. It is for my sister for her birthday

May 11th

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Goddess Shawl

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converting an adult pattern for a child

So I found an adult pattern for a shrug that I like. It is a simple pattern and is "one size fits all". Well, one size fits all doesn't work on my 5 year old daughter is is 30 pounds soaking wet.

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Baby Blanket

Update 5/13:
Just got an email that the project is going to run on the Lion Brand Studio Blog on May 24th!

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Does anybody know a good stitch for seaming up a sweater? I know the standard is to use the “mattress stitch” or the invisible one…whatever it’s called.

May 10th

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Stretchy bind off

I am just finishing up a sweater project where the directions call for a super stretchy bind off for the openings, the cuffs of the sleeves and the collar.

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Latest projects

Just wanted to take a few minutes and post pics of my projects that I finished.

First is a felted tote I gave to my mom for Mother's Day. She squealed, I felt like a good son.

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Yarn Shop Visit and NorOHHH!

Our visit last Thursday to the yarn shop was a success! I think everyone left with something to start a new project.

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sweater wizard

has anyone used sweater wizard? if so what do u think of it? im working on a cardigan its ok. does any of u do fair isle or steeking? wish i lived in a town where therre is a mens knitting group.