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May 19th

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Thanks for the tips men!

Back from my trip to Seattle and Chicago. Wow, too much fun, I had been to Seattle before and love it, Chicago was just amazing.

May 19th

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KAL Updates

It's been a while since I've seen updates on how everyone is doing on their clogs, stockings, or boxers. Anyone feel like posting and show us their work?

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knitting on the beech in the Red Neck Reviera

Gulf Shore, AL that is. We leave on Friday and will be there all next week. I have way more projects packed then I can ever finish but so what - I have choices.

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Puppies Have Gone :(

Well, the last puppy is on a plane to Canada tonight. We kept one of the boys but it's still a little bittersweet not having a ton of puppy cuteness around the house.

May 17th

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Another Kerry, Another Traveling Woman Shawl.

Traveling Woman Shawl knitted with Anzula Luxury Yarns "For Better or Worsted" colorway - "Denim".
size US8 needles. Took about 400yds. Yarn is 80% superwash Merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon.

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Have completely fallen in love with this yarn. Am doing a scarf with it right now. I love the color progressions, but tell me this is it scratchy? it seems garments would be scratchy??

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Thinking about Spinning....

Ok so I saw Bucks post about buying a Kromski Symphony wheel and that kind of got me curious onto spinning.

I need eye mask pattern

I need a couple of eye mask patterns. One for a guy the other for a girl. I have not been successful in finding too many to choose from. Perhaps knitted fabric doesn't block out enough light...

May 16th

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Travelling Woman small shawl

This lovely shawl was designed by Liz Abinante( ), a well written pattern and a delight to knit.

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NORO Sock Yarn

Hi there, everybody. My favorite LYS just got in a very reasonably priced shipment of NORO Sock Yarn and I am tempted to break my "No buying until stash is reduced!" rule.