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May 24th

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No complaining here

I didn't make it to MSKR this year, and while I could feel really sad, I found it hard to feel too bad. I finally got to meet Stephen West when he came to Philadelphia this past weekend.

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My baby blanket is on Lion Brand's Blog

Hi everyone,

Just tooting my own horn a bit. Lion Brand Yarn Studio published my recent Baby Blanket project on their blog today.

May 23rd

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member numbers

anybody know how many members there on on this site or know where to find that number

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Tangled mess

OK, men...I am in the process of balling several hanks of yarn, and no matter how careful I am, I end up with knots and tangles that I can't fix. I am losing dozens of yards of good yarn.

May 22nd

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Bragging a Little

I've been working on and off for months on a top-down pullover. Yesterday afternoon, I finished the acreage required for the midriff and bound off the bottom. Yay!

May 21st

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What a blast this is! A more detailed post will surely follow but here's some pictures from Thursday and Friday.

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Cotton Anyone?!?

Greetings, Gents! I'm a novice at this knitting stuff and I'd like to attempt a sweater!

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Dutch and My First Attempt at Spinning

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Knitting passes security...thanks all

We just got back from our trip to Europe. I was a bit worried about getting my knitting through security, since they took it away from me in Guatemala, in January.

May 20th

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Trippin' Again

This weekend I am taking my family to Raleigh, NC to the 2nd annual Carolina Fiber Festival. It is part of the Got to Be NC Agriculture Festival at the NC Fairgrounds.