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I blame this one on Kenny...

After seeing Kenny's beautifully executed "Don's Vest," it gave me an intense envie for knitting some fair isle even though the last thing I needed to do was cast on for yet another project!

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Socrates' Suicide Shroud

First up is the popular Hemlock Ring Blanket adapted by Jared Flood. I LOVED this project from the moment I cast on to the removal of the last blocking pin.

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Blocking HELP!

Ok so I finished the torso part of my sweater, and went to block it, well, when I pulled it out of the water and squeezed all the water out the sweater is now BIGGER than what it needs to be!

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I'm working on (yet another) My So-Called Scarf. I sent a friend who's a knitting beginner some purple Trabajos del Peru along with a pattern for the same thing.