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I LOVE to knit socks!

OK, after outfitting my family (wife and three kids), I'm just finishing up my 5th pair of socks in the about the past month.

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Another Pair of Clogs

My hubby doubted my clogs would turn into much before I felted them. Then I caught him trying them on one day and suddenly he was asking me to knit him a pair.

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STEEK THIS............

was thinking for my next project a zippered vest. i wanted to knit in the round and steek for the zipper. does anyone have suggestions on steeking or know of a good tutorial?

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Your unwanted wool and hair Can Help the Oil SPill Clean Up

Your dated, ugly, or otherwise unwanted yarn and fiber stash can help clean up the oil spill on the Gulf PLS

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Must have!!!

'nuff said.

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Finished my first sweater and pictures!!!

Well, here it is, in all its glory, it is still blocking right now but I couldnt wait to post pictures!! Knitting a sweater wasn't as bad as I thought, just took a long time!