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April 12th

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Sick and Felted purse

So I woke up this morning feeling like crap, I had been feeling a cold coming on for the past week or so and was waiting for this.

April 11th

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First Sweater

I have been working on my first sweater. I put it up on Manny yesterday before I joined the body and started on the arms to see what the stripe did. I am happy with it.

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Sunday is for Spinning

This is a very Short Video that I made showing a bit of my learning to spin. I am always amazed at how one learns by practicing on a daily or almost daily basis. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Granite finished (top down raglan)

I started this back in September 2009 - a simple top down raglan based on the pattern by Diane Soucy (#991) - I mixed Plymouth Yarn Mushiushi and some mystery yarn from a cone that was donated at the

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A productive weekend!

Sadly, it wasn't with my knitting. Nor was it tearing down the deck in the back yard or cleaning the basement like I intended.

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This not an actual post on quilting, just so ya know!

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Probably, the beginning of the recognition ;-)

Hello everyone,
I show you to a few weeks ago, my footrest ...
Well, it has been selected to appear in a Belgian decorating magazine (GAEL DECO) ...

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Note on machine knitting

I have just completed a garment from an old eighties style garment, that I found from a charity book, I had to do the ribbing by hand though (do not have a ribbing attachment), so it had taken a bit l

April 10th

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Carlito Cardigan Pieces finished at last!

Just finished the sleeves on the Carlito Cardigan. Thank God! Now all the pieces are finished. I'll block them tomorrow.

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KAL Felted Christmas Stocking Completed with Pictures!!

Just finished the stocking last night, and felted it today, I used the washing machine at my laundromat plus a good beating in the kitchen sink.