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April 14th

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Maryland S&W approaches...

Well, my money's in, and I'm scheduled to take the bus to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival again. Is anyone planning to go?

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critter contest

Alright, you guys that like to create these critters, here's the contest for you!

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Random knitting thoughts brought on by Ravelry

So I have been banging around Ravelry for a few months now. LOOOOOOOVE IT! That aside I have been completely amazed at just how many folks are knitting EZ patterns.

April 13th

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Irregular Ribbed Scarf

How about this one for the guys huh?

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Moms felted purse pictures

So during my convalescence I have been knitting up a storm whilst pumped full of prescription strength cold and flu meds.

April 12th

Fibre Funny haha

How's your sense of humour? Just another sheep funny!

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I asked for it and...ick!

A friend was out in Vermont on Sunday at a place that was basically giving away wool. I couldn't go so I asked her to get me some if she could.

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KAL Boxers Finished! Plus Chose a profile pic (finally!)

Howdy Boys! (and the few Girls on here too!)

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Hey, I finished this project a while back, and thought I would share it with you guys! It is the floppy dog from Zoe Mellor's Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh and Fabulous Designs.

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Spring Break is over....

So we got back from our anniversary trip last night around 7:30 pm. We are back at work today.