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April 3rd

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Mod Pod Afghan

I started this project over two months ago and just now took some pics. Working on the last square this weekend, then just need to knit the border and block it. Finishd, it will be over 6'x6'.

April 2nd

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From my colleagues...

A few of my colleagues have found me knitting during lunch breaks and while I administer tests in my classroom.

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The WEB's Yarn Sale is Killing Me!

OMG! How much more money can I spend on yarn? I'm going to have to get to the mail box before the BF does. I always get this comment "Don't you already have enough yarn?". Ummmm...NO!

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Baby's hats?

I would like to make some hats for a couple of babies in the clan. I've seen the tomato hat and the apple hat - they're cute. Any other good ideas?

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I think I need to build a stash

My LYS, Mouliné, is having an amazing sale - Any recommendations?
Lace Silk 100g. 600m rég. 40.00 -40% 24.00
Flaxen 100g. 250m rég. 39.00 -40% 23.40

April 1st

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knitting philosophy

Even though I've knit for nearly thirty years it's been only recently that I've really bothered to "learn how" to knit. Part of that was learning how to knit continental.

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Off the needles

Here's my new ipod sock from an internet pattern. Pic 1 is empty. Pic 2 is with the nano covered.

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XXX rated socks!

Ravelry has a pattern for XXX rated socks.

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OT: My new puppy, Lucca:

She's a 10 week old mini-labradoodle. She won't get too much bigger.

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Sister socks

These are for my sister for her 60th. I can't believe she's 60, it seems like she was just babysitting me yesterday.