Archive - Apr 3, 2010 - Blog entry

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Turned the heel

This is an update on my socks, progressing slowly. This is knit with my own handspun using the CD spindle. I really like this yarn!

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When will I learn?!

When will I learn to calculate gauge on EVERYTHING?! I thought that since it was a felted christmas stocking, and nobody would be wearing it, gauge didnt really matter.

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Bitter Sweet Sweater

I was making this sweater for a woman at work that was pregnant. I had already made her an baby afghan and gave that to her. Last week she lost the baby.

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Mod Pod Afghan

I started this project over two months ago and just now took some pics. Working on the last square this weekend, then just need to knit the border and block it. Finishd, it will be over 6'x6'.