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Calling all spinners! I'm in need of some advice...

I've decided it's time for me to delve into the wonderful world of spinning! I've never done it and I'm excited about narrowing the gap of my fiber/knitting continuum.

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Visiting Wunsapana Farm or...

...what the hell will we do with this stuff?

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Annnnnnd I'm off!!!

Ok, so today I made the blessed pilgrimage out to the new LYS I discovered and bought 21 skeins of DROPS Eskimo yarn for my sweater.

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Visiting A Touch Of Twist

On Friday WillyG and I met up with my friend Harriet and drove out to A Touch Of Twist which is just outside of Albany.

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Hi Guys!

Hello fellow male knitters!

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My first socks!

I made my first pair of socks for my 8-year-old daughter. She loves them, and I'm happy to have conquered another knitting frontier.

Patrrick :)

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French speaker with facebook ;-)

Hello to all, for those who speak French, and who wants to make a good think to a small shop of yarn in Brussels, trying to survive ... It just created a facebook page ...