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March 20th

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calling all steekers

so this menacing lace piece is long enough to tell it is too wide. it's in trellis lace. is it possible to steek the excess off each end with such lose lace work?

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Changes to KAL boxers

Moving right along with the boxers.....I changed the construction method . I cast on 100 sts and worked for 8.6". I "provisionally" cast on the sts worked for 8.6" and put the last row on waste yarn.

March 19th

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boxers are in the planning

OK - so I have missed the start but... Found this great Chilean sock yarn "Araucania".

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As the Fiber Turns

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Back now and getting settled

My week by the ocean was dramatic to say the least.

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Geeking out

I'm getting my knitting geek on this morning. Just picked up the 2 tape Elizabeth Zimmermann's stitch glossary that she did back in 1987.

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KAL Clogs

I felted them today and I love how they turned out! I so can't wait for them to dry!

Here are a couple of pictures from the felted project.

KAL Complete?!?!?!?!

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Outer Banks Trip

We had a great time at the OBX this week. Went to a relocated yarn shop, walking distance from our hotel.

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Stuff knitted with small needles

Currently projects on needles smaller than 3 US.

March 18th

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Just Because They Are So Damn Cute 2!