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March 22nd

shaping shoulder and necklines

I'm knitting the classic crew pullover in Erika Knight's Men Knits. Why when I get to the shaping the shoulder and neck lines the direction are not written out completely for me to understand.

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Afghan Class

3/23/10 - Update for you all, I added photos of the pattern book and the yarn I have chosen for my sampler afghan. I think it is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of learning!

Its a good day

I want to share a happy thoughts!

March 21st

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Just a note on boxers KAL!

Hey guys, thanks for the replies....for those that are wondering about the pick up stitchs "thing"....
You might want to try :

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Finished up some projects

I knit a sweater for my friend Miguel while I was in Mexico but just blocked it a couple of days ago.

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Couple of items

Two items that I dragged for awhile - I had finished the slippers and never got around to sewing them up till the other day. They are for a girlfriend with teeny feet.

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Two Finished Projects ... Time for a Drink

Well here are two of my most recent finished projects.

March 20th

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Welcome TO Spring 2010

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Cable Guy Question (Son of a SnB)

Good evening all!

I’m almost done with the Cable Guy pattern (in Son of a Stitch n Bitch), but have a few questions on the last page.

It’s pg 79 in SoaSNB.

Rnd 1 of the Neck Shaping.

Speaking of bags...

(Chris, hold your tongue about the title)

I have seen some really nifty "free time" spaces on this forum, knitting bag ideas, etc. and wanted to share a few of my own ideas.