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Hey, people! I'm leaving you

But it will not be for long. Tomorrow I set out for seven days by the ocean in Gloucester, MA. No TV, no phone, no internet. Just me, and the fire buringing in the fire place and my knitting.

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Wall Street Journal writing an article featuring men who knit

I was contacted today by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal - she's writing an article about the crafts and hobbies that truckers do while on the road...

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Remember the Squares we all knitted

Remember the Squares we all knitted for Jason with Vanna's Choice yarn? Well I decided I could not part with the yarn or give it to someone who would not understand its true meaning.

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FO Baby Afghan

So you may have heard about the baby afghan I have been knitting for my cousin-in-law. Well I finally finished it last night!

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KAL Fiber Trends Clogs

My yarn is in for my KAL Fiber Trends clogs! I think I will be starting them either today or tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for getting me on board!

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Anniversary Trip

It is only one month away from my (early) 10th anniversary trip. My wife and I will be attending Soxperience weekend on Chincoteague Island, April 10th and 11th.

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Miss S' socks

I knit in AA meetings all the time and my friend Miss S keeps joking with me about if the pair I'm working on are hers. She is coming up on an important AA anniversary so I made her these.

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a footrest .... a beanbag...

Just the work of the week-end....