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Knitting class

Taking my first knitting class on Tuesday. The class is called "extreme beginner's knitting". Looking forward to it.

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Changing Spaces

We live in a small three bedroom house. Less than 1000 square feet. It takes some creativity living in what is by today's standards, well, small. But we love it.

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Secrets of the Hood

The very first sweater I ever knit was a hoody. The hood wasn't bad, but it always hung incorrectly, even though it seemed like it was big enough.

profile update

I'm going to live on the edge here peeps. I like this group so much that I decided to update my info with ways to contact me off forum. Note: I am seldom on Ravelry but on facebook often.

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My first work is complete!

I am very proud to announse that my "first piece of art" is finished! It is a cushion knitted with wool, so it`s warm and nice to sit on.