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Inc. as to k

I always "struggle" with increases. When a pattern calls for Inc. as to k unless otherwise specified, what way of increasing do I use?

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It's March 23rd, and we're having a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard. Looks like a good night to get cozy at home and knit!

Patrick :)

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OT: Hello New York!

Although I haven't been able to tell more than a few of you yet, I'm now free to announce it more publicly: We are moving to New York!

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Cable Guy Done!!

I'm pretty happy with it....

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Socks appeal boxers

Is anyone doing the socks appeal mens boxers. I have started. I already have a gage problem.

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OT But Gonna Do It Anyway....................

I just want to wish our very own Nick(y) (njok42) a HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!! Although he's only 30 he looks like a million! But I would be seen in public with him anyway.