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KAL Drawz

I got the back panel done with the UT Longhorn in intarsia.

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My St. Patrick’s Day Cream Stout Cozy

I can hardly believe it’s done. It’s my first F.O. in the round. What an experience.

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Is it really asking that much...

Is it really asking that much to be able to find decently priced cashmere yarn? I have temporarily suspended my quest to tackle the great american aran afghan (note: temporarily).

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frogging bad week

i am making a lace sweater for a friend with rowan kidsilk haze. it's like knitting with air. i have frogged this thing four times already and it's 154 cast on sts.

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Note on books used for knitting

Hi to all.

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IK Spring 2010

*Begin rant apropos to this forum.*

I'm miffed!

...and let me tell you WHY: