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Puppy Love

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"mpg" / "pax symbol" baby sweater

So Matt's cousin had a baby boy last December. His initials are "mpg" and his middle name is Paxman.

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KAL Boxers = Bummed

Ok, so the title has no relation to the boxers KAL or knitting other than the fact that I seek avoidance of the fact that a friend of mine has died unexpectedly.

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The Great American Aran Afghan

So perhaps I'm a bit obsessed with cables and celtic designs, as well as loving to block things into a perfect square!

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Drunken friends murder knitting needles :-(

So I invested 6 Euros in a set of 4mm Symphony wood knitting needles a few months ago (marvelous, I love them).

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3 day break

Hi all.

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Hi fellow clog KAL-ers,

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Nova Scotia Bound!!!!!!

Hi chaps here is a way off topic, my partner and I are moving to Nova Scotia in June, are there any MWK members around the Halifax area????

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Busy Busy Busy... KAL Update As well..

So... I havn't posted an entry in a LONG while... but I've recently re-discovered Ravelry and have started to log all my projects...