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A little air space...

Hi guys,....thanks for the comments. And yes, I am working on a "fitted "pair of boxers well as a "traditional" fit pair of boxers. Which would you guys prefer?

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Doctor Phlox

Here you have the two elements of the Doctor Phlox. It has been plied, blocked-whacked, and dried. I manage to make 280 yards with 120 grams. Only with experience and lots of practice.

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Hi to all

Thanks for all the welcomes and comments will be posting some knits soon

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Great New Sock book

I just bought this yesterday. Brook my LYS lady turned me on to it. It has some of the most interesting stitch combination of I've ever seen.

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What am I doing wrong?

This is what Eyelet & Flame Chevron is supposed to look like-

and this is what mine looks like-