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February 15th

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My apologies...

I don't want to wear out my welcome with yet another hat, but I am posting the patterns on Ravellry (which I can barely comprehend, unlike our easy-to-get little home here), and for some reason I have

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Do Ya Wanna Be a Butcher or a Surgeon?

Teaching again...though some say I've never stopped, especially with those non-compliant types who won't give up control...they eventually, inevitably, succumb.

February 14th

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My First Try At Socks

I have been wanting to learn to do socks for quite some time but was very intimidated. While on You Tube one night browsing I typed in knitting socks and it brougt up many videos.

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Massive Yarn Ball Rolls Through S.F.

Massive Yarn Ball Rolls Through San Francisco!
This is pure silliness...but great fun...

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Ripping back the back

I've been having a blast designing my own, totally one-of-a-kind sweater vest.

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Happy Velentine Day

Thyought you all needed a treat...Blacker designs, one of my favourite wool places online, has a valentine's day sale. Their Gotland worsted spun is particularly lovely.

February 13th

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Ravelympics Spinning and more

This is some of the mini mochi I got at Imagiknit today.

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Whale Watcher's Hat

This is a hat I knit yesterday, and decided to give it a Maine-flavored name. Let me know when y'all are sick of them, and I'll start knitting underwear (if that model is available).

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I'm knitting gloves, and after each finger the pattern says to "rejoin" the yarn. I assume this means to start over with a tail and weave that in when I get around to it.

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Man Panties KAL

Wouid this be more persuasive to you boys?